tirsdag 21. oktober 2008

Where You Go I Go Too

Phew, long time! We'll try and update this more often from now on.

If any of you did miss out Lindstrøm released his debut album in August - "Where You Go I Go Too" - available on double LP, CD and digital download (Itunes, beatåort, amazon +++). It got an overwhelming response!:

”A modern electronic masterpiece” (5/5 Album Of The Month, IDJ Magazine)
“he shoots for the stratosphere and lavishly scores” (4/5, Spin Magazine)
“You Go I Go Too is a triumph of sound design, as impeccably crafted as a Starck chair--and as geared to comfort, too (4/5, The Guardian)
“Wherever Lindstrøm wants to go we want to go too!” (4/5, Mixmag)
“There’s no question that Where You Go I Go Too is one of the year’s most coherent, craftily executed albums” (9/10 Dusted Magazine)
“Where You Go I Go Too takes the meaning of the term "full-length" quite literally, stretching his already epic electronic disco into works of effortless symphonic grandeur” (9/10 Prefix magazine)
"Where You Go I Go Too has all the hallmarks of a masterpiece from a reclusive auteur" Pitchfork (8.6 out of 10)
"so epic and gripping that it deserves be 2008's Justice record and 2008's The Field record." Paperthinwalls (8.5 out of 10)
"Where You Go I Go Too is one of those releases that is custom-made for late summer evenings." Almostcool (8.25 out of 10)
"he reinvents disco as whooshing space music" (The Telegraph)