fredag 28. september 2007

DOMINIQUE LEONE – dominique leone ep (feed012)

Dominique Leone from Texas/San Francisco wears many hats, only a few faces and has a hundred songs that you haven´t heard. Here´s three of them, together with a very special treat from The 16th Rebels Of Mung. His debut-album will get a release early 2008 on Strømland Records, which is the new label of Joakim Haugland/Smalltown Supersound and Hans-Peter Lindstrom/Feedelity. Artwork is done by Kim Hiorthøy. To be released on 12" vinyl in november 2007.

A: Clairevoyage - A Medley Performed By The 16th Rebels Of Mung
B1: Claire
B2: Duyen
B3: Conversational

tirsdag 18. september 2007

IMAGINATION – just an illusion (juno records)

1982 was a time of bad suits, bad haircuts and Men At Work.Thankfully the music wasn't all bad, especially that coming from Imagination, a group of backing singers turned pop stars. "Just An Illusion" reached a top ten position in the UK national charts when it was originally released and has been a staple on radio stations and compilations for 25 years. But it was also a huge underground club hit in the UK before it enjoyed commercial chart success, and has been in some of the most credible record boxes ever since including the likes of Harvey and Erol Alkan. Bearing this in mind we wanted to rekindle its underground heritage by choosing a remixer away from the norm.

more info here ...

contemporary fix remixed by EYE (Boredoms) and Bjorn Torske!

From the Smalltown Supersound press-release: "After the critically acclaimed album “A Feedelity Affair” that compiled all of Lindstrom`s seminal 12”, Smalltown Supersound follows up with this EP. The EP features the original version of The Contemporay Fix as well as a alternative version by Lindstrom himself called Serious Syntoms version . The EP also features a fantastic remix from EYE of The Boredoms who delivers a raving tribal-disco mix that none other than EYE could produce. The EP also contains a remix by the innovator of the Norwegian disco scene, Bjørn Torske (his new album “Feil Knapp is out now). With this 10 minutes long mix Bjorn Torske proofs why he is one of the most talented disco/house producers in Norway ever. The innovator and the star of the Norwegian disco/house scene, together, for the first time. And it is just beautiful!"

The artwork for the EP is made by Kim Hiorthoy.
4 tracks and 30 minutes with music
available on CD & 12" soon ....

tirsdag 28. august 2007

breakfast in heaven - remixed

Feed011 features two new remixes of the Lindstrom-track “Breakfast In Heaven”. Norwegian producer and remixer Diskjokke keeps the original synth-arpeggios, but changes the chords and drums. ARP aka Alexis Georgopoulos (ex Tussle) from California, delivers a remix with simple drums and analogue synths. Both of them are releasing their debut-albums later this year on Smalltown Supersound.
To be released on 12" vinyl mid sept

listen to the tracks here
read pitchfork review here

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onsdag 20. juni 2007

breakfast in heaven 12"

Breakfast In Heaven gets a release in July. Might sound like something Edward Grieg could have done if he ever got a chance to work with sequencers. On the flipside there´s the original version of Blast of Loser. A percussive track with distorted clavinet-feedback on top of simple rolling drums.


søndag 20. mai 2007

lindstrom & prins thomas - reinterpretations

Out soon on Eskimo Records.

Listen & buy here

lørdag 19. mai 2007

lindstrom - late night tales

Lindstrom - Late Night Tales is out early July on Azuli. The Lindstrom and Solale version of Vangelis "Let It Happen" will also be available on a limited edition 10".

You can listen to the track here

onsdag 2. mai 2007

lindstrom and solale - lets practise

Lindstrom and Solale (aka Christabelle) started working together in 2003 releasing their first and only single ”Music (In My Mind)” on Feedelity. Now finally they’ve decided to do some more music together. This first single from the album that they’re currently working on is a slow discotrack based on a 5 minute vocaljam (first-take is always best take…) together with a fat bass-arpeggio and some simple guitars/keys here and there. The lyrics doesn’t necessarily pretend to be anything more than a ”practise”, but is nevertheless quite good we think ! On the flip-side there’s a niice dub.

available now on 12" vinyl
also available as digital download from beatport and iTunes