onsdag 2. mai 2007

lindstrom and solale - lets practise

Lindstrom and Solale (aka Christabelle) started working together in 2003 releasing their first and only single ”Music (In My Mind)” on Feedelity. Now finally they’ve decided to do some more music together. This first single from the album that they’re currently working on is a slow discotrack based on a 5 minute vocaljam (first-take is always best take…) together with a fat bass-arpeggio and some simple guitars/keys here and there. The lyrics doesn’t necessarily pretend to be anything more than a ”practise”, but is nevertheless quite good we think ! On the flip-side there’s a niice dub.

available now on 12" vinyl
also available as digital download from beatport and iTunes

4 kommentarer:

dev singh sa...

Oh my god, I jsut love this ! I have downloaded some singles of the p2p net, but now I am logging in to iTunes and paying fot this listening pleasure! Seriously, I am !

= )

seymour sa...

So beautiful... in Sydney both mixes are gay sauna manthems. Thanks for the amazing music!

feedelity sa...

hehe ... sounds great !! :o) hp

aa sa...