tirsdag 18. september 2007

contemporary fix remixed by EYE (Boredoms) and Bjorn Torske!

From the Smalltown Supersound press-release: "After the critically acclaimed album “A Feedelity Affair” that compiled all of Lindstrom`s seminal 12”, Smalltown Supersound follows up with this EP. The EP features the original version of The Contemporay Fix as well as a alternative version by Lindstrom himself called Serious Syntoms version . The EP also features a fantastic remix from EYE of The Boredoms who delivers a raving tribal-disco mix that none other than EYE could produce. The EP also contains a remix by the innovator of the Norwegian disco scene, Bjørn Torske (his new album “Feil Knapp is out now). With this 10 minutes long mix Bjorn Torske proofs why he is one of the most talented disco/house producers in Norway ever. The innovator and the star of the Norwegian disco/house scene, together, for the first time. And it is just beautiful!"

The artwork for the EP is made by Kim Hiorthoy.
4 tracks and 30 minutes with music
available on CD & 12" soon ....

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